Home Studio

On the surface, it’s really nothing more than an attic in a small house in the woods. There’s a bed where we sleep and a large piece of brown particle board supported by two saw horses which acts as our shared workspace. It has absolutely everything that we need and nothing that we don’t. Isolated in a small town, there is very little going on and the distractions are few. Even if we wanted to get out and do something on a Saturday night, we’d be an hour’s drive from exciting things. Our natural state of being at this time is a state I’ve been striving for over the last several years. It is a state of creating rather than consuming. In our default unwinding routines, we are naturally drawn back to our ramshackle desk to write, draw, organize photos, work on current projects, and plan future ones.

Our space is cozy and easy to heat with the wood stove on cold mornings. The two windows at either end provide soft light which warms our hearts at the right time of day. We’re not in a trendy neighbourhood and the space is not open to the public. There’s no special lighting or sleek Scandinavian design. On the surface, nothing about this space screams the word “studio”. But this is where our ideas are formed and our art comes to life. Although it does not look the part, this place is more of a studio than any place I’ve been a part of.

Our studio