March 30 - April 5


  • terrain 74km
  • trending_up 1900m
  • timer 08:05:00

Overall another great week. This is my third week of 8 hours of training so it's time for a rest week next week to allow the training effect to happen. Altras busted a huge hole in the sidewall on Saturday. After only 400km I think I'm going to have to retire them. Wasn't a fan of these shoes overall. I have a pair of Salomon Sense Pro 3's coming in the mail.

April 5

  • Rest

No running today since recovering from long run yesterday. Physio exercises and tons of water throughout the day.

April 4

  • terrain 26km
  • trending_up 780m
  • timer 02:30:00
  • navigation Mt Finlayson

This was a little reconnaissance mission to see if Mt Finlayson was within running distance of the house. Spoiler alert: it was! I think this means it might be my new favourite long run, despite a mandatory and fairly sizeable stretch of road.

April 3

  • terrain 8km
  • trending_up 100m
  • timer 00:50:00
  • navigation Goose

Still making a point of drinking tons of water throughout the day.

April 2

  • terrain 13km
  • trending_up 270m
  • timer 01:15:00
  • navigation Highlands Road

Did physio exercises throughout the day. Warmed up for 20 minutes. Once at Highlands road, ran 1 minute at 5km pace (on) and 1 minute at 42km pace (off). Then 2 minutes on and 2 minutes off, etc. From 1 minute to 5 minutes and then back down to 1 minute. Felt so fun to run fast!

April 1

  • Rest
Physio exercises, squats, and lots of water throughout the day.

March 31

  • terrain 11km
  • trending_up 350m
  • timer 01:30:00
  • navigation Seymour, Trillium, Seabourne

Feeling a little beat on this run. Maybe time for a rest day.

March 30

  • terrain 16km
  • trending_up 400m
  • timer 02:00:00
  • navigation Seymour, Hydro, Scafe, Upper

Did physio exercises throughout the day for IT band.