April 13 - April 19


  • terrain 68km
  • trending_up 2684m
  • timer 07:21:00

Pretty big week in the vertical department this week which was kind of the goal. I wanted to shrink the distance a little bit in an effort because I was feeling a little over-trained. I wasn't that sore on Sunday from the long run which really bodes well.

April 19

  • Rest

No running today since recovering from long run yesterday. Physio exercises and tons of water throughout the day.

April 18

  • terrain 32km
  • trending_up 1220m
  • timer 03:40:00
  • navigation Seymour, Scafe, Stewart, Work, Seymour

I think today was the longest trail distance I've ever done. Met a fellow runner (Sam) going up Stewart and we ran to Work together. Felt great for the entire run and even considered going up for a second lap up Scafe on the way back but thought better of it.

April 17

  • Rest

Easy spin on the bike down the Goose with Claire.

April 16

  • terrain 20km
  • trending_up 800m
  • timer 02:25:00
  • navigation Seymour, Scafe (x2), Seyomour

Ate some wacky vegan sausage for lunch and had an upset stomach before this run even began. By the 20-minute mark was seriously considering turning around. But I thought it would be good to practice running when I didn't feel quite right. Didn't see a soul on the backside of Scafe Hill and imagined cougars watching me struggle from a distance. Got a little spooked thinking about this and it took some mental fortitude to do the second lap, but I wanted the vert. Took 2 scoops of Tailwind in 500mL of water and got cottonmouth and all around insanely thirsty for just normal water. Eventually I got into the run and enjoyed it in spite of not feeling 100%.

April 15

  • Rest

Woke up feeling pretty beat from the hill repeats yesterday. Focused on hydrating and pre-hab exercises. No weird pains other tham the usual soreness.

April 14

  • terrain 11km
  • trending_up 570m
  • timer 01:16:00
  • navigation Seymour (x6)

Ran shirtless for the first time in a long time. The weather is insanely nice and the sun feels hot like mid-summer. I appreciate it now but it definitely makes me worried for forest fire season. This route is an out and back up and over Seymour Hill almost to Trillium Trail. One lap out and back is 3km and about 200m of elevation gain. Did three laps plus the distance to and from home and felt great. Tried to keep it below aerobic threshold on the way up and then push the speed on the way down to improve on descending technical trails.

April 13

  • terrain 5km
  • trending_up 94m
  • timer 00:28:00
  • navigation Lower

I read in a Tracksmith blog post that some Kenyan runners run early in the morning before breakfast to help train their body to burn stored fat energy instead of recently-consumed carbohydrates. To this end, I'm going to try adding a couple of slow, easy morning runs before consuming any calories. Felt easy and light this morning and the sunrise over the Olympic Mountains was beautiful.